If you desire…

[I came across this writing of Fr. Simon Turkic, a priest in the Serbian Diocese of Central Europe. It was late and I suppose I had nothing better to do, but I thought it was very piece so I decided to translate it. Some parts, of course, I tweaked a bit to make it flow better in English. Father Milovan Katanic]

If it is to be first you desire, be last. If to rule, be the servant. If to be heard, be silent. You desire to have, then give. If you desire to buy, then save. If it is a well mannered child you desire, nourish him. If a learned child, teach him. If the love of the child, love him first. If respect, respect them first. If honor, love those around you. If you desire they love you, suffer long, be amiable, do not get angry, nor exaggerate, nor boast. Love your neighbors and you, too, will be loved. If you desire to be God’s, do good for life, respect your older brother and you will have the respect of the younger one.

If it is the grace of the Holy Spirit you desire, think with God, live with God, piously. Paul came from Saul. All that you desire is attained through effort. Without effort no great song can be sung; without effort no saber can be forged! Expect not only the “good” to come your way. In your home you must establish the “good”, then watch over it with great care. You are on sand and it is marshland beneath your feet. In a moment you fall and become filthy.In a moment you lose all you have attained.

A moment and all you have gathered is spilled. In a moment love turns to hatred, and your face a murky glow. All your knowledge turns to ignorance and stupidity. Your reputation, to ridicule and respect to scorn. The stirring of passions will alter that which was patient, peaceful and kind to anger-filled, quarrelsome and gossiping….

O Lord of the hosts, be the Commander of my life! You alone give to those undeserving and love where there is no love and heal where faith has been lost, and are merciful to those filled with hate and heal those who ridicule Your Name. Your love is inexhaustible, it rejoices the heart and gives hope. Without you, O Creator, there truly is no meaning and life turns to the darkest of nights. With You is fullness, without You only an empty nothing. Be, then, our power, help and strength. That I always praise and love You (and never forget You) above all the earthly riches and smoke.

If it is to have that you desire, then fill your hearts and minds with the Lord. All will be yours. He is the “All and Everything” and beyond all things and in all things, Whom we desire and to Whom we hasten. It is Him that my soul thirsts for. To Him be glory: to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Priest Simon J. Turkic