Leimonos Monastery

Saint Ignatios Monastery, also known as Leimonos Monastery due to the field on which it is built, supplements shortly five centuries of continuous operation. It was founded in 1526 by the Saint Ignatios Agallianos, according to the tradition, on the remains of a Byzantine monastery, and was dedicated to Archangel Michael. Nowadays, it is honored in the name of its saint founder. Since the beginning of 16th century, up today the monastery’s role is essential not only in religious, educational and intellectual aspects of the island’s history but also in the wider area of social and economical activity. The monastery’s rich cultural material constitutes a witness of its long legacy, while at the same time provides important information about the development of the region of Kalloni and more generally of Lesvos Island.

The monastery’s collections include coins, gold-embroidered liturgical vestments and buckrams, objects of ecclesiastical use, folklore heirlooms and also stones from Lesvos Island.

Of particular value is the monastery’s library, which has manuscripts, printed books and an archive of Greek and Ottoman documents as well.
The under visit website of the Monastery and its Digital Library aims at the emergence of Leimonos cultural content, free access of the public to the digital and informative material of Leimonos monastery and the sensitization of the public and the responsible institutions to the maintenance of its cultural treasure.