Monasteries in Albania

The New Monastery of St. Vlasius (Vlash), Durres

The St. Vlasius (Vlash) Monastery's Church, Durres

The St. John Vladimir Monastery's Church, Shijon

The Konaks of the St. John Vladimir Monastery, Shijon

The Monastery of Theotokos Mary, Ardenica

Monastery of Ardenica, is locate l2 km from the town of Lushnja, south Albania. It is thought that the foundations of this monastery were built in 1282 on the initiative of the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus II Paleologus of Byzantium.

The Nativity of Theotokos Monastery’s Church

The Holy Trinity Monastery’s Chapel

The Monastery of St. Kosmas, Kolkondas

The Monastery of Dormition of Theotokos Mary, Zvërnec

The Holy Trinity Monastery’s Church

The Monastery of Dormition of Theotokos Mary, Boboshtica

The Monastery of St. John Baptist, Moschopolis