The Monastery of Mar Mama

The Monastery of Mar Mama, Deirmimas , Arabic: Arabic: ??? ?????? ???? ????????) is a monastery located in the deirmimas District in the Nabatie' Governorate of Lebanon. It is situated in the Litani valley,, to the west of Deirmimas.

It overlooks litani valley. Given its exceptional location commanding the valley at 300 meters altitude, the monastery is called the GUARDIAN of THE LITANI.

It is dedicated to Saint Mama , who was martyred in 275 AD , The Monastery belongs to the Lebanese greek orthodox church ,Deirmimas .
the monastery during its long time history , experienced destruction and damage , but deirmimasis kept rebuilding until the last hard experience of the year 2006 , lebanese israeli war , where the monastery was destroyed completly and raised to the ground .

Today the monastery is being rebuilt , and is set for completion at the end of july 2009 , to be the jewel of deirmimas buildings with a design that draws the traditional lebanese architecture lines , and considered a complete complex , with a stage hall and endless rooms to accomodate worshipers and an adjacent vast church and parks.