Monastery Tronoša - Манастир Троноша

Monastery Tronoša

The monastery of Tronoša , in Serb Cyrillic МанастирТроноша, is a Serb monastery orthodoxe located near the village of Tršić, close to Loznica, in the district of Mačva.
The monastery would have been founded by Katarina Nemanjić, the widow of the king Stefan Dragutin, shortly after the death of her husband in 1317.
Thanks to the work of its monks copyists, he played a big role in the safeguarding of many documents and thus in the safeguarding of the culture and the tradition Serb.
The current church was renovated in 1599.
The monastery of Tronoša is associated with the memory of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić (1787-1864), the famous reformer of the Serb literary language, inventor of the Serb alphabet which is still of use today. He is the author of the famous formula: “Write as you speak” ( Писикакоговориш ), slogan which animated its reform of the literary language. Originating in the village close to Tršić, it came to the school in Tronoša starting from 1797. The monastery shelters a small museum which is devoted to him.


Манастир Троношу, чија је црква посвећена Ваведењу пресвете Богородице, основао је српски краљ Драгутин а 1317. године га је довршила његова жена Кателина. Крајем 15. века Турци су срушили цркву до темеља. Године 1559. манастир Троношу чини само један конак. Радови на обнови манастира и подизање новог храма завршени су 1560. године. Најзначајнији књижевни споменик половине 18. века, Троношки родослов монаха Јосифа, написан је у Троноши у којој је и Вук Караџић учио прва слова. Троноша је од Лознице удаљена 10 километара.